author={Daniel Malacara-Hern{\'a}ndez},
1. Geometrical Optics 1.1 Fermat’s Principle and Law of Refraction 1.2 First Order Optics 1.3 Aberrations 2. Wave Optics 2.1 Diffraction 2.2 Young’s Double Slit 2.3 Interferometers and Coherence of Light Sources 3. Photon or Quantum Optics 4. Optical Instruments 4.1 Magnifiers 4.2 Ophthalmic Lenses 4.3 Telescopes and Microscopes 4.4 Medical Optical Instruments 4.5 Projectors 5. Optical Metrology and Interferometry 5.1 Main Interferometers Used in Metrology 5.2 Newton Rings and Fizeau… 

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Ice crystal classification using two dimensional light scattering patterns
4 Acknowledgements 5 List of acronyms 6 1. Background and fundamentals 7 1.1. Diffraction 7 1.2. The inverse scattering problem 8 1.3. Cirrus & ice crystals 10 1.3.1. Classification 10 1.3.2.
Aberrations of temporally modulated optical wavefronts in dispersive optical systems
  • D. Parker
  • Engineering, Physics
    Optical Engineering + Applications
  • 2017
Classical time-invariant lens aberrations, and methods for correcting them, are well known in the art. However, the design, analysis, and construction of optical components and systems for temporally
Adaptive Optics for Michelson Interferometry DIPLOMARBEIT
Precise distance measurement is crucial for the high-precision industry as the semiconductor manufacturing is one. Measurement devices based on the concept of a Michelson interferometer are widely
Wave optics theory and 3-D deconvolution for the light field microscope.
An optical model for light field microscopy based on wave optics, instead of previously reported ray optics models is presented, and a 3-D deconvolution method is presented that is able to reconstruct volumes at higher spatial resolution, and with better optical sectioning, than previously reported.
Optical Phase Space Measurements and Applications to 3D Imaging and Light Scattering
This thesis develops theory and verify the mathematical phase-space scattering operator, then study how light interacts with scatterers and proposes a fast wave-equation solver, which outperforms the first Born approximation and the Rytov approximation in predicting the scattered field as well as in reconstructing the scatterer distributions.
Hybrid refractive-diffractive axicons for Bessel-beam multiplexing and resolution improvement.
Using gray-scale lithography with high-current focused Xe ion-beams, hybrid refractive-diffractive micro-axicons that feature diffractive gratings engraved on their conical surfaces are realized that feature excellent agreement with theoretical expectations.
An Introduction to Practical Laboratory Optics
1. Introduction: centred optical systems 2. Telescopes and binoculars 3. Eyepieces, eyes and colour 4. Cameras and camera lenses 5. The scientific CCD camera 6. Spectrometry 7. Interferometers and
Do We Manipulate Photons or Diffractive EM Waves to Generate Structured Light?
In the domain of light emissions, quantum mechanics has been an immensely successful guiding tool for us. In the propagation of light and optical instrument design, Huygens-Fresnel diffraction
Miniature optical planar camera based on a wide-angle metasurface doublet corrected for monochromatic aberrations
A miniature flat camera integrating a monolithic metasurface lens doublet corrected for monochromatic aberrations, and an image sensor is demonstrated with nearly diffraction-limited image quality, indicating the potential of this technology in the development of optical systems for microscopy, photography, and computer vision.
Coherent diffractive imaging using short wavelength light sources
Techniques that recover images from diffraction data obtained using coherent short-wavelength light sources are currently under active development for applications in nanotechnology and structural


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