PQBP-1 (Np/PQ): a polyglutamine tract-binding and nuclear inclusion-forming protein.

  title={PQBP-1 (Np/PQ): a polyglutamine tract-binding and nuclear inclusion-forming protein.},
  author={Hitohi Okazawa and Marius Sudol and Tina Rich},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={56 3-4},
Polyglutamine(Q) tract binding protein-1 (PQBP-1) was isolated on the basis of its interaction with polyglutamine tracts and localizes predominantly to the nucleus where it suppresses transcriptional activation by a neuron-specific transcription factor, Brn-2. Its C-terminal domain is highly conserved and binds to a component of the spliceosome. PQBP-1 possesses unique repetitive sequences that may fold as polar zippers. Interestingly, PQBP-1 also forms nuclear inclusion bodies, which are… CONTINUE READING

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