PPARα gene variation and physical performance in Russian athletes

  title={PPARα gene variation and physical performance in Russian athletes},
  author={Ildus I. Ahmetov and Irina A. Mozhayskaya and David M. Flavell and Irina V. Astratenkova and Antonina I Komkova and Ekaterina V. Lyubaeva and Pavel P Tarakin and Boris S. Shenkman and Anastasia B Vdovina and Aleksei I Netreba and Daniil V Popov and Olga L. Vinogradova and Hugh E. Montgomery and Viktor A. Rogozkin},
  journal={European Journal of Applied Physiology},
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α (PPARα) regulates genes responsible for skeletal and heart muscle fatty acid oxidation. Previous studies have shown that the PPARα intron 7 G/C polymorphism was associated with left ventricular growth in response to exercise. We speculated that GG homozygotes should be more prevalent within a group of endurance-oriented athletes, have normal fatty acid metabolism, and increased percentages of slow-twitch fibers. We have tested this hypothesis in the… CONTINUE READING
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