POSTER: Rust SGX SDK: Towards Memory Safety in Intel SGX Enclave

  title={POSTER: Rust SGX SDK: Towards Memory Safety in Intel SGX Enclave},
  author={Yu Ding and Ran Duan and Long Li and Yueqiang Cheng and Yulong Zhang and Tanghui Chen and Tao Wei and Huibo Wang},
  booktitle={ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security},
Intel SGX is the next-generation trusted computing infrastructure. It can e effctively protect data inside enclaves from being stolen. Similar to traditional programs, SGX enclaves are likely to have security vulnerabilities and can be exploited as well. This gives an adversary a great opportunity to steal secret data or perform other malicious operations. Rust is one of the system programming languages with promising security properties. It has powerful checkers and guarantees memory-safety… CONTINUE READING