POEMS Syndrome: an Enigma.

  title={POEMS Syndrome: an Enigma.},
  author={Rahma M Warsame and Uday Yanamandra and Prashant Kapoor},
  journal={Current hematologic malignancy reports},
  volume={12 2},
POEMS syndrome is a paraneoplastic disorder secondary to an underlying plasma cell dyscrasia. By definition, all patients with POEMS syndrome must display polyneuropathy and monoclonal plasma cell disorder. In addition, at least one major criterion (Castleman's disease, sclerotic bone lesions, or vascular endothelial growth factor elevation) and one minor criterion (organomegaly, extravascular volume overload, endocrinopathy, skin changes, papilledema, thrombocytosis, or polycythemia) are… CONTINUE READING