PMSM Control System Based on Digital Signal Processor

  title={PMSM Control System Based on Digital Signal Processor},
  author={Jun Zhu and Wankui Li and Lili Han},
  journal={J. Networks},
For the high power density of PMSM, designed the corresponding drive controller to improve the servo efficiency of PMSM servo system. According to the theory of math model of PMSM under the dq coordinate system, applied id = 0 vector control method as a PMSM control strategy, established PMSM controller model based on vector control. Taking DSP TMS320F2812 as controller core, built a power-driven circuit, control circuit and the main detection protection circuit. The algorithm of control… 

Realisation of Adaptive Hysteresis Current Controller for Performance Improvement of Vector Control Based IPMSM Drive System

Abstract The torque ripple, current fluctuation and variable switching frequency of conventional hysteresis current controller (CHCC) under different loading condition and motion variation is

Experimental Implementation of Model Predictive Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor is derived with a Model-based Predictive Control (MPC) technique and the performances are compared with those obtained by a conventional PI-based system in order to highlight the improvements, especially regarding speed tracking response.

Design of Digital Control DC Voltage Source Based on AT89C52 MCU

This design is divided into four modules: SCM control and display module, digital to analog (D/A) conversion module, a constant voltage source module, output module.



The Design for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo Control System Based on DSP

Using DSP TMS320F2808 as the core, and combining the feature of the servo-control, a PMSM servo hardware system is designed which has multi-functions and good real-time performance.

The Design of Drives System for PMSM Based on DSP

A motor drives system for PMSM is presented and the software can realize the vector control and space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM).

The Study of PMSM Vector Control System Based on DSP

In this paper, a PMSM vector control servo system with the core of DSP was constructed and its hardware and software processes were presented and the test showed that the system has good control performance.

DSP control implement of Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC servo motor based on vector control

This paper designs a set of hardware control system for PMSM based on DSP TMS320F2812, which is designed for special-purpose on motor control by TI Company, and shows the excellent performance of DSP control.

Servo Drive Control of PMSM Research Based on IPM

Permanent magnet synchronous motor control system focusing on DSP, which based on intelligent power molular(IPM) is planned, which has the characteristics of stability, reliability and perfect control effect is planned.

Digital Vector Control System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on DSP

The experiment results indicate that this control method can achieve both good dynamic and good static performances, and has many characteristic, such as compact construction, reasonable design, flexible control and so on.

The Research of Control Strategy for PMSM Based on SVPWM

The author analyzes the method of establishing PMSM SVPWM control system simulation and conducts the simulation experiments that show that the permanent magnet synchronous motor SVP WM control system model was established in Matlab7.0/simulink is correct.

Design of Sensorless PMSM Controllers Based on DSP

Experimental result confirms that the proposed solution not only can precisely detect the rotor's position and better control of current commutation, but also has practical value in use.

Research on Servo Vector Control System Based on TMS320F2812

It was proved that the servo vector control system with TMS320F2812 of 32 bit DSP chip has the advantages of high precision and high speed and it was shown that the C language with high programming efficiency has simplified the digitization of this complex system.

Direct Control of Current Vector for Surface-mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

The key of control of a motor is the effective control of electromagnetic torque.A new control technique called direct control of current vector was proposed based on the comparison between the basic