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PMD-Tolerant 20 krad/s Endless Polarization and Phase Control for BB84-Based QKD with TDM Pilot Signals.

  title={PMD-Tolerant 20 krad/s Endless Polarization and Phase Control for BB84-Based QKD with TDM Pilot Signals.},
  author={B. Koch and R. No{\'e}},
  journal={arXiv: Signal Processing},
  • B. Koch, R. Noé
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • arXiv: Signal Processing
TDM-based polarization and differential phase control with 35ps PMD tolerance and 20krad/s tracking speed is demonstrated. 600ns intervals are reserved for QKD and for 0{\deg}- and 45{\deg}-polarized pilot signals. ECLs are modulated directly, with high extinction. Power budget is 17dB, fiber length is 63km. 
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