PM frequencies of major CYPs in Asians and Caucasians.

  title={PM frequencies of major CYPs in Asians and Caucasians.},
  author={Takaharu Mizutani},
  journal={Drug metabolism reviews},
  volume={35 2-3},
Many administered drugs are first activated by phase I drug-metabolizing enzymes, such as cytochrome P450 (CYP), and then conjugated with ligands such as UDPGA, PAPS, and glutathione by phase II drug-metabolizing enzymes, and finally excreted by transporters. There are some defective activity mutants due to CYP polymorphisms. In these cases, drugs are not metabolized [poor metabolizer (PM)], the high drug levels in blood are maintained, and toxic effects appear in the patients. To clarify the… CONTINUE READING


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