PLQCD library for Lattice QCD on multi-core machines


PLQCD is a stand–alone software library developed under PRACE for lattice QCD. It provides an implementation of the Dirac operator for Wilson type fermions and few efficient linear solvers. The library is optimized for multi-core machines using a hybrid parallelization with OpenMP+MPI. The main objectives of the library is to provide a scalable implementation of the Dirac operator for efficient computation of the quark propagator. In this contribution, a description of the PLQCD library is given together with some benchmark results.

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See documentation for combining MPI and openMP on the NERSC website

See for example the documentation of the DD − HMC code by M. Lüscher

See the Intel Developer manual

See the public deliverable D8.3 on the PRACE website under PRACE-2IP

The Hopper Cray XE6 machine at NERSC