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PLL Design Using the PLL Design Assistant Program

  title={PLL Design Using the PLL Design Assistant Program},
  author={Michael H. Perrott},
  • M. Perrott
  • Published 2005
  • Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics
Page 2: Setup Page 2: Tool Basics Page 3: Known Bugs Page 3: Introduction Page 6: Definitions Page 7: A. Bandwidth, Order, and Shape Page 7: B. Type Page 10: Computation of G(f) Page 10: Loop Filter Design Page 10: A. Transfer Function Selection Page 11: B. Circuit Topology Selection Page 13: C. Computation of Parameters Page 14: D. Example Design Page 15: Impact of Open Loop Parameter Variations Page 16: Impact of Open Loop Parasitic Poles/Zeros Page 19: PLL Noise Performance Page 20: A. Basic… 

Design of low phase noise low power CMOS phase locked loops

This thesis focuses on the design of low phase noise and low power CMOS PLL integrated circuits, which are widely used as clock generator or frequency synthesis in communication systems, computers, radio and other electronic applications.

A PFD and Charge Pump switching circuit to optimize the output phase noise of the PLL in 0.13-µm CMOS

  • M. K. HatiT. K. Bhattacharyya
  • Engineering
    2015 International Conference on VLSI Systems, Architecture, Technology and Applications (VLSI-SATA)
  • 2015
This paper presents the design of a novel Phase Frequency Detector (PFD) and Charge Pump (CP) switching circuits for the frequency synthesizer in phase-locked loop (PLL). Our proposed PFD technique

Mohmmed: Design of Delta-Sigma ΣΔ based Fractional N PLL Frequency Synthesizer

It is shown that by increasing the order of the loop filter, the phase noise performance will be improved, although this requires careful design consideration, as the PLL is prone instability.

Design Analysis of a 12.5 GHz PLL in 130 Nm SiGe BiCMOS Process

A systematic design method is applied to study and analyze the loop stability and phase noise of a type-II 3rd-order charge pump PLL. The designed PLL outputs at 12.5 GHz, which is intended to

Filter Design for A Fractional N-PLL Frequency Synthesizer At 2.4 GHz

It is found that by proper design of the second order low pass filter component, the system can have more stability operation and the spurs noise in the output can be reduced efficiently.

Frequency‐domain behavioural noise analysis of analogue phase‐locked loops

A frequency-domain approach for phase noise analysis of integer-N multiplier-type phase-locked loops (PLLs), based on the conversion matrix approach, is introduced that can take all non-linearities

Modeling and behavioral simulation of noise transfer characteristics of a 2 GHz phased-locked loop for frequency synthesizer

We present here an analytical phase noise model of phased-locked loop for frequency synthesizer and its simulation in GHz frequency range. The noise model has been derived and simulated considering

A low phase noise ring oscillator phase-locked loop for wireless applications

This thesis describes the circuit level design of a 900MHz EA ring oscillator based phase-locked loop using 0.35um technology. Multiple phase noise theories are considered giving insight into low

A 360∞ Extended Range Phase Detector for Type-I PLLs 1

o This paper presents control circuitry for extending the range of a tri-state phase-frequency detector in a type- I charge-pump phase-locked loop. The extended range phase detector allows the entire



Fractional-N frequency synthesizer design at the transfer function level using a direct closed loop realization algorithm

  • C. Y. LauM. Perrott
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 2003. Design Automation Conference (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37451)
  • 2003
A new methodology for designing fractional-N frequency synthesizers and other phase locked loop (PLL) circuits is presented. The approach achieves direct realization of the desired closed loop PLL

A 27-mW CMOS fractional-N synthesizer using digital compensation for 2.5-Mb/s GFSK modulation

A digital compensation method and key circuits are presented that allow fractional-N synthesizers to be modulated at data rates greatly exceeding their bandwidth and indicate that it meets performance requirements of the digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) standard.

A modeling approach for ΣΔ fractional-N frequency synthesizers allowing straightforward noise analysis

A general model of phase-locked loops (PLLs) is derived which incorporates the influence of divide value variations. The proposed model allows straightforward noise and dynamic analyses of /spl

Fast and accurate behavioral simulation of fractional-N frequency synthesizers and other PLL/DLL circuits

  • M. Perrott
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 2002 Design Automation Conference (IEEE Cat. No.02CH37324)
  • 2002
Techniques for fast and accurate simulation of fractional-N synthesizers at a detailed behavioral level are presented, and can be applied to a variety of phase locked loop (PLL) and delay lockedloop (DLL) circuits beyond fractional, as well as to a range of simulation frameworks such as Verilog and Matlab.

The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

This expanded and thoroughly revised edition of Thomas H. Lee's acclaimed guide to the design of gigahertz RF integrated circuits features a completely new chapter on the principles of wireless

Behavioral Simulation of Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers and Other PLL Circuits

  • M. Perrott
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Des. Test Comput.
  • 2002
Two techniques are presented that allow fast and accurate simulation of fractional-N synthesizers and their applications in various simulation frameworks, such as Verilog, Matlab, and C or C++ programs.

Delta-sigma modulation in fractional-N frequency synthesis

A description is given of a delta-sigma ( Delta - Sigma ) modulation and fractional-N frequency division technique for performing indirect digital frequency synthesis using a phase-locked loop (PLL).

Delta-sigma data converters : theory, design, and simulation

Delta-Sigma Data Converters provides comprehensive coverage of low and high-order single-bit, bandpass, continuous-time, multistage modulators as well as advanced topics, including idle-channel tones, stability, decimation and interpolation filter design, and simulation.

An integrated 2.5 GHz /spl Sigma//spl Delta/ frequency synthesizer with 5 /spl mu/s settling and 2 Mb/s closed loop modulation

Three radio communication standards that share common performance requirements are gaining momentum. The 802.11 wireless LAN standard, the Bluetooth radio connectivity protocol, and the HomeRF SWAP