PLEASURE AND BRAIN ACTIVITY IN MAN: Deep and Surface Electroencephalograms During Orgasm

  title={PLEASURE AND BRAIN ACTIVITY IN MAN: Deep and Surface Electroencephalograms During Orgasm},
  author={Robert G. Heath},
  journal={The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease},
  • R. Heath
  • Published 1 January 1972
  • Psychology, Biology
  • The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Deep and surface electroencephalograms were recorded during sexual arousal culminating in orgasm in 2 patients, 1 undergoing treatment for severe mental illness and the other for intractable epilepsy. Such recordings were obtained on two occasions in 1 patient and on 12 occasions in the other. Recording changes concomitant with the behavioral response were significant and consistent; most striking was the appearance of spike and slow-wave with superimposed fast activity in electroencephalograms… 
Marihuana. Effects on deep and surface electroencephalograms of man.
  • R. Heath
  • Medicine, Biology
    Archives of general psychiatry
  • 1972
Effects of marihuana on electroencephalograms and behavior were observed in a patient in whom electrodes had been implanted into numerous predetermined deep nuclear sites and over the surface of the
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