PLC SCADA Based Fault Identification and Protection for Three Phase Induction Motor

  title={PLC SCADA Based Fault Identification and Protection for Three Phase Induction Motor},
  author={V. Loganathan and S. Kanagavalli and P. R. Aarthi and K. Yamuna},
  journal={Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science},
Today overvoltage, over current, overload, over temperature, and under voltage are the most commonly occurred problems in protection circuits of induction motor. We usually design Protection circuits with components such as timers, contactors and current relays. In order to reduce the mechanical components usage we prefer to use Personal Computer (PC) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). In this method Induction motors current, voltage, Speed, temperature values and fault occurred history… 
Reviews on Methods of Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motor
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is optimal, effective and reliable method as it does not contain any mechanical component for fault detection and protection of an Induction Motor against such possible problems.
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In this study, simultaneously remote powering of three separate single phase motors or one three-phase induction motor, when it is requested continuously remote data collection of motor currents, voltages, and remote monitoring of motor status are implemented.
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This paper tackles the problem of three-phase induction-motor overall protection using digital protection algorithms and designs a stand-alone, microcontroller-based digital protector that can suit a wide range of induction motor sizes.
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Tests of the induction motor system driven by inverter and controlled by PLC prove a higher accuracy in speed regulation as compared to a conventional V/f control system.
A PLC based power factor controller for a 3-phase induction motor
  • A. Al-Ali, M. Negm, M. Kassas
  • Engineering
    Conference Record of the 2000 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Fifth IAS Annual Meeting and World Conference on Industrial Applications of Electrical Energy (Cat. No.00CH37129)
  • 2000
This paper proposes a power factor controller (PFC) for a three-phase induction motor (IM), utilizing the programmable logic controller (PLC). This work focuses on the implementation of a laboratory
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A practical labs set is presented to introduce gradually the main SCADA elements, and finally to develop an application to control an induction motor in interlocked manual/automatic mode, with touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI).
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Induction motors are widely used in many operating areas and industrial applications as they are simple, robust, reliable and have low production costs. The use of Induction motors have increased