PLAC1, an Xq26 gene with placenta-specific expression.

  title={PLAC1, an Xq26 gene with placenta-specific expression.},
  author={Massimo Cocchia and Rachel Huber and Serafino Pantano and Eric Y-T. Chen and Ping Ma and Antonino Forabosco and Minoru S. H. Ko and David Schlessinger},
  volume={68 3},
A novel human X-linked gene shows placenta-specific expression and has been named PLAC1. The gene maps 65 kb telomeric to HPRT at Xq26 and has been completely sequenced at the cDNA and genomic levels. The mouse orthologue Plac1 maps to the syntenically equivalent region of the mouse X chromosome. In situ hybridization studies with the antisense mRNA during mouse embryogenesis detect Plac1 expression from 7.5 dpc (days postcoitum) to 14.5 dpc in ectoplacental cone, giant cells, and labyrinthine… CONTINUE READING
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