PKMiner: a database for exploring type II polyketide synthases

  title={PKMiner: a database for exploring type II polyketide synthases},
  author={J. Kim and Gwan-su Yi},
  journal={BMC Microbiology},
  pages={169 - 169}
  • J. Kim, Gwan-su Yi
  • Published 2012
  • Biology, Medicine
  • BMC Microbiology
  • BackgroundBacterial aromatic polyketides are a pharmacologically important group of natural products synthesized by type II polyketide synthases (type II PKSs) in actinobacteria. Isolation of novel aromatic polyketides from microbial sources is currently impeded because of the lack of knowledge about prolific taxa for polyketide synthesis and the difficulties in finding and optimizing target microorganisms. Comprehensive analysis of type II PKSs and the prediction of possible polyketide… CONTINUE READING
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