PIPE-CLIP: a comprehensive online tool for CLIP-seq data analysis

  title={PIPE-CLIP: a comprehensive online tool for CLIP-seq data analysis},
  author={Beibei Chen and Jonghyun Yun and Min Soo Kim and Joshua T. Mendell and Yang Xie},
  booktitle={Genome Biology},
CLIP-seq is widely used to study genome-wide interactions between RNA-binding proteins and RNAs. However, there are few tools available to analyze CLIP-seq data, thus creating a bottleneck to the implementation of this methodology. Here, we present PIPE-CLIP, a Galaxy framework-based comprehensive online pipeline for reliable analysis of data generated by three types of CLIP-seq protocol: HITS-CLIP, PAR-CLIP and iCLIP. PIPE-CLIP provides both data processing and statistical analysis to… CONTINUE READING