PIP₂ modulation of Slick and Slack K⁺ channels.

  title={PIP₂ modulation of Slick and Slack K⁺ channels.},
  author={Maria de Los Angeles Tejada and Lars J\orn Jensen and Dan Arne Klaerke},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={424 2},
Slick and Slack are members of the Slo family of high-conductance potassium channels. These channels are activated by Na(+) and Cl(-) and are highly expressed in the CNS, where they are believed to contribute to the resting membrane potential of neurons and the control of excitability. Herein, we provide evidence that Slick and Slack channels are regulated by the phosphoinositide PIP(2). Two stereoisomers of PIP(2) were able to exogenously activate Slick and Slack channels expressed in Xenopus… CONTINUE READING