PIN Proteins Perform a Rate-Limiting Function in Cellular Auxin Efflux

  title={PIN Proteins Perform a Rate-Limiting Function in Cellular Auxin Efflux},
  author={J. Petr{\'a}{\vs}ek and J. Mravec and R. Bouchard and J. Blakeslee and Melinda Abas and D. Seifertov{\'a} and J. Wi{\vs}niewska and Z. Tadele and Martin Kube{\vs} and Milada {\vC}ovanov{\'a} and P. Dhonukshe and P. Skůpa and E. Benkov{\'a} and Lucie Perry and P. Kře{\vc}ek and O. Lee and G. Fink and M. Geisler and A. Murphy and C. Luschnig and E. Za{\vz}{\'i}malov{\'a} and J. Friml},
  pages={914 - 918}
  • J. Petrášek, J. Mravec, +19 authors J. Friml
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Intercellular flow of the phytohormone auxin underpins multiple developmental processes in plants. Plant-specific pin-formed (PIN) proteins and several phosphoglycoprotein (PGP) transporters are crucial factors in auxin transport–related development, yet the molecular function of PINs remains unknown. Here, we show that PINs mediate auxin efflux from mammalian and yeast cells without needing additional plant-specific factors. Conditional gain-of-function alleles and quantitative measurements of… CONTINUE READING
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