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PHarmaCeutiCal drugs iN tHe eNviroNmeNt : CHaNge oF tHe Paradigm

  title={PHarmaCeutiCal drugs iN tHe eNviroNmeNt : CHaNge oF tHe Paradigm},
  author={Bruno Nunes},
Pharmaceutical drugs have been reported in a large number of aquatic ecosystems, and have also been found in sewage effluents. The presence of these substances may be responsible for the interference with a large number of biological structures, metabolic pathways and regulatory processes leading to deleterious effects and irreversible damage at varied levels. This article presents the most recent indications that implicate pharmaceutical drugs in environmental effects/insults, possibly… 

Do pharmaceuticals reach and affect the aquatic ecosystems in Brazil? A critical review of current studies in a developing country

New research is urgently required about the effects of pharmaceuticals in biota—including long-term exposition and mixture tests—and on specific technologies to remove these compounds in water bodies and WWTPs, besides the introduction of new policies for pharmaceutical use.

Qualitative analysis of the presence of emerging contaminants in water supplies for human use: a case study of the Guilherme de Azevedo reservoir in Caruaru (PE, Brazil)

The methodology adopted involved filtering samples with glass fibre and cellulose acetate membrane filters, extraction and concentration using the solid phase extraction (SPE) method, and analysis using potentiometric detectors incorporated in a continuous flow system.

Occurrence and behaviour of pharmaceutical compounds in a Portuguese wastewater treatment plant: Removal efficiency through conventional treatment processes

A snapshot of the ability of each treatment step to remove these target PhACs is provided, and it was found that global efficiency is strongly dependent on the efficiency of secondary treatment.

Primary Care and Environmental Issues: Unused Medicines and HealthCommunity Agent Intervention in the South of Brazil

A reverse logistics medication channel was created in a model experiment involving health community agents working in Family Health Strategy teams in Vila Bras, Sao Leopoldo, Brazil as the prevention of inappropriate disposal of un- used medication increased exponentially.

Alternative methods in tracking sources of microbial contamination in waters

An updated overview of MST methods to distinguish human from animal sources of faecal pollution is presented here, focusing particularly on the potentialities of new chemical tracers.

Clean technology and response surface approach for the photodegradation of selected antibiotics by catalyst supported on pine activated carbon

This study enthusiastically highlights for the first time, a new nano-photocatalyst (reconstruction of SnO2/MnO2/Al2O3/TiO2 on MCM-41 SiO2@KOH-modified pine bark activated carbon harnessed for the

Self-assembled films based on polypyrrole and carbon nanotubes composites for the determination of Diuron pesticide

In this work, polypyrrole (PPy) and its respective composite with functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) were obtained by chemical polymerization of the monomer pyrrole in aqueous

Monitoramento da degradação eletroquímica de fármacos em água usando anodos de diamante dopado com boro empregando espectroscopia UV/Vis e resolução de curva multivariada

Electrochemical degradation of the pharmaceuticals diclofenac sodium, oxytetracycline hydrochloride and chlortetracycline hydrochloride using boron-doped diamond (BDD) anodes were performed in this

Monitoring antibiotics in the environment. Study of Quinoxaline derivatives bioactivity

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Aquatic ecotoxicology of fluoxetine.

Biological degradation of cyclophosphamide and its occurrence in sewage water.

The mutagenic and cancerogenic antineoplastic agent cyclophosphamide (CP) is released into sewage water by cancer patient excretion and in an attempt to assess the contribution of CP to the genotoxicity detected in hospital waste water in a recent study the effects of CP in the umuC test were investigated.

Do pharmaceuticals affect freshwater invertebrates? A study with the cnidarian Hydra vulgaris.