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  author={Jitendra Patel and S Deepika and Shamim A Qureshi},
Lantana camara Linn. (Verbenaceae) is a hardy, evergreen, straggling shrub with characteristic odour, it grows up to 3 m height, with or without minute prickles on the branches. It is among top ten invasive weeds on the earth. It is a perennial shrub found growing up to 2000 m altitude in tropical, sub tropical and temperate parts of the world. The plant is spread widely over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and north-eastern States of India. Successive extracts from the leaves of… 

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Phytochemical and anthelmintic activity of Terminalia catappa (Linn) leaves
Helminthiases is one of the tropical neglected diseases (NTDs) caused by soil transmitted helminths (STHs). The development of resistance to anthelmintics was observed and so there is an urgent need
Phytochemical and Pharmacological profile of lanata camara l : An Overview
INTRODUCTION Lanata camara L. (Verbenaceae) some times also known as wild or red sage, is listed as one of the important medicinal plant of the world and it is also considered most noxious weeds.
Evaluation of the anti-diarrheal activity of the aqueous stem extract of Lantana camara Linn (Verbenaceae) in mice
The obtained results of the present study confirm antidiarrheal activity of the stem of L. camara, thus provide the scientific basis for the traditional uses of this plant as a treatment for diarrhoea.
In Vitro phytochemical screening and anthelmintic activity of Viscum congolensis and Galiniera coffeoides against adult earthworm Alma emini
The aqueous extracts are efficacy than ethanolic extracts of Viscum congolensis and Galiniera coffeoides, two plants collected in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, and are compared to positives control and negative one.
Phytochemical screening and cytotoxicity of selected plants used as anthelmintics in Loitoktok Sub-County, Kenya
It was concluded that some of the plants used as anthel Mintic remedies in Loitoktok contain different types of phytochemical which could be responsible for their cytotoxicity and anthelmintic properties.
Pharmacodynamic and ethnomedicinal uses of weed speices in nilgiris, Tamilnadu State, India: A review
The main aim of this review is to expose the important pharmacodynamic and ethnomedicinal values of 50 prominent weeds belongs to 26 different families that grow wild in the Nilgiris.
Evaluation of the Anti-diarrheal Activity of 80% Methanol Extract and Solvent Fractions of the leaves of Lantana camara Linn (Verbenaceae) in Mice
Lantana camara L. is one of the medicinal plants traditionally used for the treatment of diarrhoea in Ethiopia. The aim of this study was to evaluate antidiarrhoeal activity of the 80% methanol
Surveillance of Invitro Antioxidant and Anthelmintic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Syzygium Cumini Bark (Myrtaceae)
Introduction: Herbal medicines have been used for treating various diseases from ancient times. Even in the era of advanced modern medicine, natural sources of antioxidants and pharmaceutical
Evaluation of Anti-Tick Activity of Lantana Camara: A Preliminary Study
It is concluded that the plant has potency to develop as a substitute of synthetic acaricides and thus can help in reducing the cost of tick control and loss due to development of resistance by the use of conventional acaricide.
Assessment of Phytochemical Constituents and Antimicrobial Activity of Lantana Camara L
In present study the phytochemical constituents such as total phenol, total flavonoid contents and antibacterial activity against four gram negative and two gram positive isolates Escherichia coli,


A review of the noxious plant Lantana camara.
Studies on natural repellents against potato tuber moth (Phthorimaea operculella Zeller) in country stores
  • L. Lal
  • Biology
    Potato Research
  • 2006
The data collected after six months storage on tuber damage, sprout damage and the rotting indicated that the leaves of Lantana aculeata provided most protection to the tubers, reducing damage from over 70% in the check to below 5%, and sproutDamage from over 45% to below 3%.
Anthelmintic activity of Ethanolic extract of whole plant of Eupatorium Odoratum. L
The anthelmintic activity of ethanloic extract was significant followed by hydroalcoholic extract of Eupatorium Odoratum, which involved the determination of time of paralysis and time of death of the worm.
Potential of Origanum compactum as a cercaricide in Morocco
  • M. Lahlou
  • Biology
    Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology
  • 2002
Abstract At 1 mg/litre, an ethyl-acetate extract of the molluscicidal plant Origanum compactum Benth. (Lamiaceae) immobilized all of the furcocercariae of Schistosoma haematobium exposed to it,
Isolation of repellent ingredients from Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) flowers and their repellency against Aedes mosquitoes
The repellent properties of different fractions isolated from Lantana camara flowers by using steam distillation, solvent partition and chromatographic methods were evaluated against Aedes mosquitoes and purification of the most efficient fraction into pure compounds resulted in any increase in repellency.
Composition and consumption of gathered wild fruits in the V‐Baoulé, Côte d'Ivoire
It was concluded that, although the diet is based essentially on agricultural crops, wild fruits make an important contribution by providing rare nutrients and are an important source of variation and of complementation especially with vitamins and minerals.
Nematocidal activity of natural polyphenols from bryophytes and their derivatives.
The nematocidal in vitro activity of three natural perotetins and eleven diphenyl ethers used as synthetic precursors has been assayed and five compounds could be selected as lead compounds to continue the search for improved activity.