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  author={Ammar Moussi and A. Saadi and Achour Betka and Gregory M. Asher},
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This paper has reviewed the principle research activity in photovoltaic pumping systems over the past decades. Prior to the common use of power converters, the principle problem was the to find the best matching of DC motors connected directly to the PV array and, naturally such systems were very sub-optimal in that they were unable to utilise the PV capacity. The use of power converters has allowed the extra freedom to exploit the maximum energy capture from the PV arrays. Much of the research… Expand
MPPT based stand-alone water pumping system
Renewable energy sources are becoming a viable substitute for conventional energy sources due to increases in world's energy demand and scarce resources. Solar pump operated with AC drive offerExpand
Design of P-V Based Pumping System
This paper presents design and analysis of a single phase induction motor drive using IGBTs at the inverter power stage with volts hertz control (V/f) in closed loop using ATMEGA32 as aExpand
A fuzzy logic MPPT control scheme for solar photovoltaic module connected with DC drive
In recent year's renewable energy sources have become a useful alternative for the power generation. Moreover conventional sources cause the pollution and global warming. In this work, the sunExpand
The tracking system shows a viable alternative technique to improve solar energy harvesting and increase the irrigated area with same area of PV generator. Expand
Optimization of solar power by azimuthal angle and neural network control of a PV module
  • R. Dubey, D. Joshi
  • Engineering
  • 2012 IEEE 5th India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE)
  • 2012
In recent year's renewable energy sources have become a useful alternative for the power generation. Moreover conventional sources cause the pollution and global warming. In this work, the sunExpand
Program-assisted sizing of a photovoltaic-powered water pumping system
Climate change has had perhaps the most adverse effect on African rural communities where we witness persistent droughts and erratic rain patterns. Peasants often have to walk many kilometres toExpand
Simulation of MPPT using Fuzzy Logic Controller for AC Drive
The need for renewable energy sources is increasing due to increase in world‟s energy demand. Solar energy is one of the widely used renewable energy source due to efficiency, size, maintainability.Expand
Arduino Yun Assisted Photovoltaic-Powered Hydroponics Systems for Rural Communities in Ghana
The hydroponic design proposed has made simpler the rural farming using mechanisms obtainable in Ghana and has made it more convenient and affordable to the rural communities. Expand
Assess the potential of solar irrigation systems for sustaining pasture lands in arid regions – A case study in Northwestern China
The combined impact of global climate change and increasing human activities has led to the severe deterioration of grasslands in China. Using the solar irrigation systems is an effective way forExpand
Solar Pump Application in Rural Water Supply - A Case Study from Ethiopia
Utilization of solar energy for drinking water supply pumping is a feasible solution especially for remote villages and homes far from power grid. Using photovoltaic (PV) pumps has predominantExpand


Optimisation of photovoltaic water pumps coupled with an interfacing pulse width modulated DC/AC inverter power conditioning device
  • N. Argaw
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 1994 IEEE 1st World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion - WCPEC (A Joint Conference of PVSC, PVSEC and PSEC)
  • 1994
A simple nonlinear optimisation technique is used to solve the load matching problem of a PV water pumping system and shows that, an optimum matching factor of 0.74 and 0.55 can be achieved using 1.76 kWp M55 type PV array and M402/SP5A-7 type motor/pump with SA1500 DC/AC inverter interfacing device. Expand
Maximum power point tracking inverter for photovoltaic source pumping applications
  • M. Taha, K. Suresh
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings of International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems for Industrial Growth
  • 1996
Inverters powered from photovoltaic arrays are becoming popular for water pumping in remote areas. The viability of these pumps will depend on the amount of power made available from the photovoltaicExpand
Residential photovoltaic energy storage system
A high-performance discrete MPPT controller that tracks the maximum power point with zero-slope regulation and current-mode control is presented and the DC-DC power converter is capable of combining with the BESS for performing the functions of power conditioning and active power filtering. Expand
Abstract This paper addresses the matching of separately excited dc motors to photovoltaic generators (PVG) for maximum power output. The dc motor is used to drive a centrifugal water pump. A PVG isExpand
A maximum efficiency-photovoltaic-induction motor pump system
It is not economically viable to connect remote areas to the national electric grid, so pumping systems based on photovoltaic energy sources are suitable for these areas. The induction motor is moreExpand
Coupling of a volumetric pump to a photovoltaic array
Abstract Although the volumetric pump is not preferred for pumping water from shallow wells where centrifugal pumps are better adapted to coupling with photovoltaic arrays, its use is recommended forExpand
A study on optimal sizing of stand-alone photovoltaic stations
One major application of photovoltaic (PV) power has been in remote areas as isolated small power generation for essential electric power. This paper discusses issues in optimizing the use of suchExpand
Optimum matching of direct-coupled electromechanical loads to a photovoltaic generator
The objective of the paper is to present a general mathematical formulation for matching electromechanical loads connected to a photovoltaic array. An optimization method is then used to solve theExpand
Study of maximum power tracking techniques and control of DC/DC converters for photovoltaic power system
  • C. Hua, C. Shen
  • Engineering
  • PESC 98 Record. 29th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference (Cat. No.98CH36196)
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As the electric power supplied by solar arrays depends on the insolation, temperature and array voltage, it is necessary to control the operating points to draw the maximum power of the solar array.Expand
The operation of permanent magnet DC motors powered by a common source of solar cells
In a photovoltaic water-pumping system, the solar cell array is usually designed to power a single motor-load pump. Several water-pumping systems of the same or different types that are in closeExpand