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INTRODUCTION The unethical drug practices are common phenomenon worldwide but it is more severe in developing countries. Unethical drug practices have two dimensions. One is drug related, and other is drug promotion related. Extensive researches on drug related unethical practices have been carried out internationally. However, there is a dearth of literature on unethical drug promotion practices. Parmar and Jalees (2004) observed that pharmaceutical industry spends a substantial portion of its… 
Pharmaceutical Drug Promotion in Pakistan: Issues in Ethical and Non-Ethical Practices
The conclusion of the study was that initially pharmaceutical industry was responsible to introduce the unethical marketing practices to their customers and later on unethical pharmaceutical marketing practices became the norm of the pharmaceutical industry.
Implementation of new policies to regulate companies and practitioners in Pakistan needs vigilance from health officials, strong professional commitment and institutional collaboration to create an environment of professionalism within the healthcare.
Pharmaceutical Industry: Key Issues in Growth in Pakistan & International Market
Pakistan has a very vibrant and forward-looking Pharma Industry. At the time of independence in 1947, there was hardly any pharma industry in the country. Today Pakistan has about 400 pharmaceutical
Promotion of Medicines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the promotion of pharmaceutical as, “all informational and persuasive activities by manufacturers and distributors, the effect of which is to induce the
Perceptions and Attitudes of Medical Sales Representatives (MSRs) and Prescribers Regarding Pharmaceutical Sales Promotion and Prescribing Practices in Pakistan
There is a need of curbing the unethical drug promotion and prescribing and formidable policies governing this issue are required to be implemented by the concerned regulatory authorities to avoid unnecessary harm to the patient’s life and pocket.
Perceptions of and barriers to ethical promotion of pharmaceuticals in Pakistan: perspectives of medical representatives and doctors
MRs of MNCs and MDs believed that MNC’s follow certain codes of ethics in the promotion of pharmaceuticals, while NCs tend to be more profit oriented and even condone unethical promotion.
Relevant influence of promotional tools by pharmaceutical industry on prescribing behaviors of doctors: A cross-sectional survey in Pakistan
The study revealed that promotional tools are considered vital from doctors and medical representatives’ point of view and marketing managers, product managers, chief executive officers or any decision makers involved in budget allocations and making promotional strategy should not rely heavily on medical representative’s feedback as their perception is different from doctors/consultants about relevant importance of each promotional tool.
Logistical Reasons Causing Return from Retail: A Case of Pharmaceutical Retail Market in Pakistan
: The main objective of the study was to identify the factors, especially related to logistics, that contribute the most to product returns from retail pharmacy market back to distributers and
Supply Chain Management: Milk Collection & Distribution System in Pakistan
The objective of this study is to define the prevailing Supply Chain Management system in Milk Collection and distribution across Pakistan. Moreover, the study also suggests that how these supply
The Army and Democracy in Pakistan: An Evaluation of Economic & Social Performance
According to the Pakistan Economic Survey 2004-05, the outgoing fiscal year has been an eventful year. Pakistan’s economy gathered greater momentum during fiscal year FY05 as Pakistan’s real GDP grew