PF-03814735, an orally bioavailable small molecule aurora kinase inhibitor for cancer therapy.

  title={PF-03814735, an orally bioavailable small molecule aurora kinase inhibitor for cancer therapy.},
  author={Jitesh P. Jani and Joel T Arcari and Vincent Bernardo and Samit K. Bhattacharya and David Briere and Bruce D. Cohen and Kevin Coleman and James G. Christensen and Erling O Emerson and Amy B Jakowski and Kenneth E. Hook and Gerrit Los and James D. Moyer and Ingrid M. Pruimboom-brees and Leslie R. Pustilnik and Ann Marie K. Rossi and Stefan J. Steyn and Chunyan Su and Konstantinos E Tsaparikos and Donn G. Wishka and Kwansik Yoon and John L. Jakubczak},
  journal={Molecular cancer therapeutics},
  volume={9 4},
The Aurora family of highly related serine/threonine kinases plays a key role in the regulation of mitosis. Aurora1 and Aurora2 play important but distinct roles in the G(2) and M phases of the cell cycle and are essential for proper chromosome segregation and cell division. Overexpression and amplification of Aurora2 have been reported in different tumor types, including breast, colon, pancreatic, ovarian, and gastric cancer. PF-03814735 is a novel, potent, orally bioavailable, reversible… CONTINUE READING
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