PEWS platform: a web services composition environment


PEWS (Predicate Path Expression for Web Services) is a programming language for the definition of web service behavioral interfaces. PEWS programs can be used for the description of both simple and composite web services. Simple web services can be built from scratch, by the combination of operations defined in a WSDL description file. Composite web services are constructed from the combination of existing web services, accessed by using their WSDL descriptions. PEWS operators help to define the order in which web services and operations will be performed. This paper presents a PEWS programs edition environment. This environment is in the form of a web interface that enables programmers to edit, test and run composition specifications. The front-end of the environment, i.e. the web interface, interacts with the back-end, a server-side application, for the specification analysis. Our platform offers the possibility of an automatic translation of a PEWS specification into a Java program skeleton, directly executable, to call the web service operations and perform them in the order defined by the PEWS specification. Thus, the use of this platform can help reducing the time for development of the compositions

DOI: 10.1145/2031325.2031326

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