PET study of the human foveal fixation system.

  title={PET study of the human foveal fixation system.},
  author={Laurent Petit and Sylvie Dubois and Nathalie Tzourio and S Dejardin and Fabrice Crivello and Christoph Michel and O. Etard and Pierre Denise and Andr{\'e} Roucoux and Bernard Mazoyer},
  journal={Human brain mapping},
  volume={8 1},
Positron emission tomography (PET) was used to investigate the functional anatomy of the foveal fixation system in 10 subjects scanned under three different conditions: at rest (REST), during the fixation of a central point (FIX), and while fixating the same foveal target during the presentation of peripheral visual distractors (DIS). Compared with the REST condition, both FIX and DIS tasks activated a common set of cortical areas. First, in addition to the involvement of the occipital visual… CONTINUE READING
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