PET studies of cortical diaschisis in patients with motor hemi-neglect.

  title={PET studies of cortical diaschisis in patients with motor hemi-neglect.},
  author={Marco Fiorelli and Jean-Louis Blin and Serge Bakchine and Dominique Laplane and J. C. Baron},
  journal={Journal of the neurological sciences},
  volume={104 2},
Six patients presenting with multimodal, predominantly motor hemi-neglect, were investigated by 15O2 or 18F-DG and PET to study the local cerebral metabolism in intact regions. All had suffered from an acute right-sided (n = 5) or left-sided (n = 1) focal hemispheric lesion (cortico-subcortical and purely subcortical in three patients each). Frontal and parietal cortices on the side of the lesion were significantly hypometabolic relative to the other side in each case, presumably as a result of… CONTINUE READING


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