PET imaging with ⁸⁹Zr: from radiochemistry to the clinic.

  title={PET imaging with ⁸⁹Zr: from radiochemistry to the clinic.},
  author={Melissa A. Deri and Brian M Zeglis and Lynn C. Francesconi and Jason S Lewis},
  journal={Nuclear medicine and biology},
  volume={40 1},
The advent of antibody-based cancer therapeutics has led to the concomitant rise in the development of companion diagnostics for these therapies, particularly nuclear imaging agents. A number of radioisotopes have been employed for antibody-based PET and SPECT imaging, notably ⁶⁴Cu, ¹²⁴I, ¹¹¹In, and (99m)Tc; in recent years, however, the field has increasingly focused on ⁸⁹Zr, a radiometal with near ideal physical and chemical properties for immunoPET imaging. In the review at hand, we seek to… CONTINUE READING