PET evaluation of the TSPO ligands [F-18]FEPPA, [F-18]PRB06, and [F-18]PBR111 in nonhuman primate

  title={PET evaluation of the TSPO ligands [F-18]FEPPA, [F-18]PRB06, and [F-18]PBR111 in nonhuman primate},
  author={Richard E. Carson and David Weinzimmer and Andrei Koren and David Alagille and Krista Fowles and Sharon Ashworth and John Seibyl and Andrew Katsifis and Roger N. Gunn and Eugenii A. Rabiner and Sac-Pham Tang and Gilles Tamagnan},
Methods: Thirteen scans were performed in 3 isoflurane-anesthetized baboons on the HR+ scanner with the 3 ligands. Studies were performed under baseline conditions, and following pre-block or displacement with PK11195 at doses up to 7 mg/kg. Metabolite-corrected arterial input functions were acquired. Early summed images were registered to each animal's MR scan that were subsequently registered to a baboon brain template, and time–activity curves were generated for modeling analysis. Total… CONTINUE READING