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PESTLE Analysis on Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

  title={PESTLE Analysis on Toyota Hybrid Vehicles},
  author={Jit Yean Tan and Wen Ling Chua and Chee Kong Chow and Mei Ching Chong and Boon Cheong Chew and Malaysia Melaka and Hang Tuah Jaya},
The development of an advance and safer hybrid car technology is necessary in today’s market due to the shortage of fossil fuel and global warming problem. The objectives of this paper are to investigate and identify the factors and rationales that move Toyota into hybrid vehicle production. PESTLE analysis is used to analyze the collected secondary data. According to PESTLE analysis, there are several reasons that affect Toyota to produce hybrid car. Based on the PESTLE analysis, all the… 

Strategic Analysis of EVs electrical energy storage using PEST analysis and Analytical Network Process for Technology Adoption

Battery technology is selected as the best energy storage source for Electric Vehicle with regard to the maturity of this technology and its various advantages such as cost, charging facilities, efficiency...etc.

An analysis of available solutions for commercial vessels to comply with IMO strategy on low sulphur

ABSTRACT The International Maritime Organization (IMO) strategy reduces ship emission to 2020 and zero in 2050, the ship-owners and ship operators are looking for economic solutions to meet the new

Understanding Generation Y Buying Intention Toward Hybrid Car in Johor Bahru

Malaysia continues to face air pollution problems caused by rapid development and urbanization. The environmental issues have induced automotive industries to produce more environmental friendly

E-car industry analysis from the perspective of business model dynamics

the emerging e-car industry faces several challenges like limited driving range and too high car prices. Firms operating in this industry need to create value and must find a solution to overcome

Barriers and Drivers of Transition to Sustainable Public Transport in the Philippines

Electrification of public utility vehicles plays a vital role in the transition towards a more sustainable transport system. However, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) encounters varying

A Study on the Factors Affecting Consumers Adoption Toward Environmentally Friendly Car - Hybrid Car

The aim of this study is to understand the consumer in the country of Malaysia which is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia. The study is being carried out to explore the consumer

Sea navigation-based Thai Canal implication: an analysis of its effect on the Vietnamese maritime industry

ABSTRACT New maritime route through the Thai Canal has been proposed since the seventeenth century that would connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea. This waterway is estimated to become


In Malaysia, credit card outstanding balance is in a rise and credit card is used widely as a payment instrument. One of the reasons that contribute to the popularity of credit card is Malaysian



The car and fuel of the future

  • J. Romm
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
  • 2006

Multi-view Variation Modeling for Scenario Analysis

An approach using scenarios to describe a spectrum of possible futures and analyze them to assess and improve the ease of accommodating new requirements by a system architecture to demonstrate variation modeling across multiple architectural views.

Strategic Management: Theory and Application

Strategic Management: Theory and Application is an undergraduate student-focused text which provides an emphasis on skills development. The features provided throughout the book promote the

Strategy and technology management: An innovation-leader case study

This paper studies a Portuguese academic start-up company, an acknowledged innovation leader in its sector, in two critical phases of its strategic development: • the founding of the company by a

“We Don’t Need No Education”—Or Do We? Management Education and Alumni Adoption of Strategy Tools

Despite concerns about the relevance of management education, there is relatively little evidence about whether graduates use the management tools and concepts they are taught. We address this gap

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007: A Summary of Major Provisions

This report describes the key provisions of the enacted law, summarizes the legislative action on H.R. 6, and provides a summary of the provisions under each of the titles in the law.