PEA-15 mediates cytoplasmic sequestration of ERK MAP kinase.

  title={PEA-15 mediates cytoplasmic sequestration of ERK MAP kinase.},
  author={Etienne Formstecher and Joe W Ramos and Mireille Fauquet and David A Calderwood and Jennifer C.Y. Hsieh and Brigitte Canton and Xuan Thanh Nguyen and Jean Barnier and Jacques H. Camonis and Mark H Ginsberg and Herv{\'e} Chneiweiss},
  journal={Developmental cell},
  volume={1 2},
The ERK 1/2 MAP kinase pathway controls cell growth and survival and modulates integrin function. Here, we report that PEA-15, a protein variably expressed in multiple cell types, blocks ERK-dependent transcription and proliferation by binding ERKs and preventing their localization in the nucleus. PEA-15 contains a nuclear export sequence required for its capacity to anchor ERK in the cytoplasm. Genetic deletion of PEA-15 results in increased ERK nuclear localization with consequent increased… CONTINUE READING
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