PDZBase: a protein?Cprotein interaction database for PDZ-domains

  title={PDZBase: a protein?Cprotein interaction database for PDZ-domains},
  author={Thijs Beuming and Lucy Skrabanek and Masha Y. Niv and Piali Mukherjee and Harel Weinstein},
  volume={21 6},
SUMMARY PDZBase is a database that aims to contain all known PDZ-domain-mediated protein-protein interactions. Currently, PDZBase contains approximately 300 such interactions, which have been manually extracted from > 200 articles. The database can be queried through both sequence motif and keyword-based searches, and the sequences of interacting proteins can be visually inspected through alignments (for the comparison of several interactions), or as residue-based diagrams including schematic… CONTINUE READING


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