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PDRs4All: A JWST Early Release Science Program on radiative feedback from massive stars

  title={PDRs4All: A JWST Early Release Science Program on radiative feedback from massive stars},
  author={Olivier Bern'e and 'Emilie Habart and Els Peeters and Alain Abergel and Edwin A. Bergin and Jer{\'o}nimo Bernard-Salas and Emeric Bron and Jan Cami and St{\'e}phanie Cazaux and Emmanuel Dartois and Asunci{\'o}n Fuente and Javier R. Goicoechea and Karl D. Gordon and Yoko Okada and Takashi Onaka and Massimo Robberto and Markus Rollig and A. Tielens and S{\'i}lvia M. Vicente and Mark G. Wolfire and Felipe Alarc{\'o}n and C. Boersma and Ame'elie Canin and Ryan Chown and Daniel Dicken and David Languignon and Romane Le Gal and M. W. Pound and Boris Trahin and Thomas Simmer and Ameek Sidhu and Dries Van De Putte and Sara Cuadrado and Claire Guilloteau and A Maragkoudakis and Bethany R. Schefter and T. Schirmer and Isabel Aleman and L. J. Allamandola and Rebecca Auchettl and G. A. Baratta and Salma Bejaoui and Partha P. Bera and Goranka Bilalbegovi{\'c} and J. H. Black and Francois Boulanger and Jordy Bouwman and Bernhard Brandl and Ph. Br{\'e}chignac and Sandra Brunken and Andrew M. Burkhardt and Alessandra Candian and Jos{\'e} Cernicharo and Marin Chabot and Shubhadip Chakraborty and J.-M. Champion and Sean W. J. Colgan and Ilsa R. Cooke and Audrey Coutens and Nick L. J. Cox and Karine Demyk and Jennifer Meyer and C{\'e}cile Engrand and Sacha Foschino and Pedro Garcı́a-Lario and Lisseth Gavilan and Maryvonne Gerin and M. Godard and Carl A. Gottlieb and Pierre Guillard and Antoine Gusdorf and Patrick Hartigan and Jinhua He and Eric Herbst and Liv Hornekaer and Cornelia Jaeger and Eduardo Janot-Pacheco and Christine Joblin and Michael J. Kaufman and Francisca Kemper and Sarah Kendrew and Maria S Kirsanova and Pamela D Klaassen and Collin J. Knight and Sun Kwok and {\'A}lvaro Labiano and Thomas S-Y Lai and Timothy J. Lee and Bertrand Lefloch and Franck Le Petit and Aigen Li and Hendrik Linz and Cameron J. Mackie and Suzanne C. Madden and Jo{\"e}lle Mascetti and Brett A. McGuire and Pablo Merino and Elisabetta R. Micelotta and Karl Anthony Misselt and Jon A. Morse and Giacomo Mulas and Naslim Neelamkodan and Ryou Ohsawa and Alain Omont and Roberta Paladini and M. E. Palumbo and Amit Pathak and Yvonne Pendleton and Annemieke Petrignani and Thomas Pino and Elena Puga and Naseem Rangwala and Mathias Rapacioli and Alessandra Ricca and Julia Roman-Duval and Joseph E. Roser and {\`E}velyne Roueff and Ga{\"e}l Rouill{\'e} and Farid Salama and Dinalva A Sales and Karin M. Sandstrom and P J Sarre and Ella Sciamma-O’Brien and Kristen Sellgren and Matthew J. Shannon and Sachindev S. Shenoy and David Teyssier and Richard D. Thomas and Aditya Togi and Laurent Verstraete and Adolf N. Witt and Alwyn Wootten and Nathalie Ysard and Henning Zettergren and Yong Zhang and Ziwei E. Zhang and Junfeng Zhen},
Massive stars disrupt their natal molecular cloud material through radiative and mechanical feedback processes. These processes have profound effects on the evolution of interstellar matter in our Galaxy and throughout the Universe, from the era of vigorous star formation at redshifts of 1-3 to the present day. The dominant feedback processes can be probed by observations of the Photo-Dissociation Regions (PDRs) where the far-ultraviolet photons of massive stars create warm regions of gas and… 

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