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PDAF based on CFAR performance comparative research in tracking dim point moving target technology

  title={PDAF based on CFAR performance comparative research in tracking dim point moving target technology},
  author={Wang Bao-zhu},
  journal={Computer Engineering and Applications},
  • Wang Bao-zhu
  • Published 2009
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering and Applications
PDAF and PDAF-AI are widely used in radar targets detection and tracking dim point moving target,the difference is what PDAF-AI algorithm add target’s amplitude information on the basis of target’s position,the moving speed to predict the state of next frame using Kalman filter.This technology has changed the shortcoming of traditional PDAF algorithm which neglects the amplitude information of the target.It should be better tracking performance than PDAF,the paper comparative analysis and… 

Gaussian Particle Filter Based Algorithm for Tracking of a Dim Moving Point Target in IR Image Sequences

Under the different circumstances of Gaussian noise and non-Gaussian noise, the experimental results show that take the Gaussian particle filter as the tracking algorithm which has no use of re-sampling could have effectively improved the precision of algorithm for tracking dim moving point target in IR image sequences, and has a good real-time performances and good stability.

Performance Evaluation for IR Small Target Tracking Algorithm

  • Y. FangXiang Fan
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    2011 Sixth International Conference on Image and Graphics
  • 2011
A combined criterion of performance evaluation by considering the veracity, real-time demand and the implementation on hardware of the tracking algorithm and the method for calculating the performance evaluation was presented.