PCR-generated artificial ribosomal DNAs from premature termination at Alu sequences.


PCR-amplified product may sometimes not correlate with a DNA state in vivo due to formation of recombinant molecules. Here we show that recombinant product can form in vitro on amplifying the region upstream of the rRNA transcription start point in human ribosomal intergenic spacer. These results provide the first information concerning definite Alu sites where premature polymerase termination occurs.


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@article{Kupriyanova2004PCRgeneratedAR, title={PCR-generated artificial ribosomal DNAs from premature termination at Alu sequences.}, author={Natalia S Kupriyanova and Dmitri V. Shibalev and Alexander Voronov and Alexei Petrovich Ryskov}, journal={Biomolecular engineering}, year={2004}, volume={21 1}, pages={21-5} }