PCR-based genotyping and haplotype analysis of human TCRBV gene segment polymorphisms

  title={PCR-based genotyping and haplotype analysis of human TCRBV gene segment polymorphisms},
  author={Patrick Charmley and Patrick Concannon},
There are at least 63 tandemly arranged human T-cell receptor (Tcr) β-chain variable region (BV) gene segments, which have presumably arisen by repeated gene duplication events. The 5′-most half of the TCRBV gene loci is particularly complex in organization due to the presence of multiple interspersed members of the largest BV subfamilies, BV5, BV6, and BV13. Polymorphism and linkage relationships among these genes has been poorly characterized in part due to the high similarity of these… CONTINUE READING
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Lack of association with T - cell receptor TCRBV 6 S 1 * 2 allele in HLA - DQA 1 * Ol 01 - positive Norwegian juvenile chronic arthritis patients

  • R. Ploski, T. Hansen
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