PCR-SSOP molecular typing of HLA-C alleles in an Iranian population.

  title={PCR-SSOP molecular typing of HLA-C alleles in an Iranian population.},
  author={St{\'e}phane Buhler and Alicia Sanchez-Mazas and R Zanone and N Djavad and J. M. Tiercy},
  journal={Tissue antigens},
  volume={59 6},
HLA-C alleles were characterized by a polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific oligonucleotide probe (PCR-SSOP) hybridization protocol in a sample of 120 Iranians from Tehran. A total of 23 alleles were identified with the four most predominant--Cw*0401, Cw*0602, Cw*1202, and Cw*0701/06--accounting for almost 50% of HLA-C alleles. A comparison of HLA-C diversity among several populations indicates that Iranians stand at an intermediate genetic position between Europeans and Africans, an… CONTINUE READING