PCR: living life amplified and standardized

  title={PCR: living life amplified and standardized},
  author={Vivien Marx},
  journal={Nature Methods},
  • V. Marx
  • Published 1 May 2013
  • Education
  • Nature Methods
With strategies for reproducibility and quality control, scientists seek to cultivate better practices in quantitative PCR experiments. 

An adaptable dry lab for SYBR based RT‐qPCR primer design to reinforce concepts in molecular biology and nucleic acids

  • S. Covey
  • Biology
    Biochemistry and molecular biology education : a bimonthly publication of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • 2020
The framework for an undergraduate assignment which aims to teach primer design for SYBR based RT‐qPCR is described, hoping to highlight connections and expanded learning outcomes for those already teaching such material, as well as a step‐by‐step guide for those new to teaching such content.

Minimum information necessary for quantitative real-time PCR experiments.

The MIQE guidelines were published in 2009 with the twin aims of providing a blueprint for good real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assay design and encouraging the comprehensive reporting of qPCR protocols.

A Fast-and-Robust Profiler for Improving Polymerase Chain Reaction Diagnostics

A profiling method is proposed that permits the non-linear maximization of amplicon resolution by eliminating the necessity for direct error estimation and is expected to have extensive applications in genetics and biotechnology where there is a demand for cheap, expedient, and robust information.

Precision in RNA molecular measurement

It is hypothesised that error in mRNA measurement can be partitioned across different experimental stages, and this work provides a guide for the approaches necessary to reduce error, improve experimental design and minimise uncertainties.

Identification of Reference Genes in Human Myelomonocytic Cells for Gene Expression Studies in Altered Gravity

Eight genes were able to be identified which demonstrated no altered gene expression levels in all tested conditions and therefore represent good candidates for the standardization of gene expression studies in altered gravity.

Formulating an improved in vitro hepatic model for drug development and toxicity testing

Chlorpromazine toxicity is associated with disruption of cell membrane integrity and initiation of a pro-inflammatory response in the HepaRG hepatic cell line and directed-nanopatterning promotes earlier liver-specific maturation and outperforms metabolic function of differentiated human Hepa RG progenitor cells on standard tissue culture plastic.



Quantitation of mRNA by the polymerase chain reaction.

This quantitative PCR method provides a rapid and reliable way to quantify the amount of a specific mRNA in a sample of less than 0.1 ng of total RNA.

Accurate normalization of real-time quantitative RT-PCR data by geometric averaging of multiple internal control genes

The normalization strategy presented here is a prerequisite for accurate RT-PCR expression profiling, which opens up the possibility of studying the biological relevance of small expression differences.

Primer sequence disclosure: a clarification of the MIQE guidelines.

To the Editor: The publication of the minimum information for the publication of real-time quantitative PCR experiments (MIQE)1 guidelines (1) has turned out to be a defining event in the maturing

The MIQE guidelines: minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments.

The Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines target the reliability of results to help ensure the integrity of the scientific literature, promote consistency between laboratories, and increase experimental transparency.

Relative expression software tool (REST) for group-wise comparison and statistical analysis of relative expression results in real-time PCR.

Development and application of REST is explained, the usefulness of relative expression in real-time PCR using REST is discussed and the mathematical model used is based on the PCR efficiencies and the mean crossing point deviation between the sample and control group.

Normalization of Real-Time Quantitative Reverse Transcription-PCR Data: A Model-Based Variance Estimation Approach to Identify Genes Suited for Normalization, Applied to Bladder and Colon Cancer Data Sets

A novel, innovative, and robust strategy to identify stably expressed genes among a set of candidate normalization genes, rooted in a mathematical model of gene expression, that provides a direct measure for the estimated expression variation, enabling the user to evaluate the systematic error introduced when using the gene.

Potential viral pathogenic mechanism for new variant inflammatory bowel disease

The data confirm an association between the presence of measles virus and gut pathology in children with developmental disorder.