PCDD/F- and PAH-emission from house heating systems.

  title={PCDD/F- and PAH-emission from house heating systems.},
  author={T Launhardt and Adrian Strehler and R Dumler-Gradl and H. Thoma and O Vierle},
  volume={37 9-12},
Combustion experiments were carried out in different house heating systems using various fuels. The emission samples and the chimney soot samples were analyzed for polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/furans (PCDD/F) and polycyclic-aromatic-hydrocarbons (PAH). The PCDD/F-concentrations in fluegases using untreated wood were in the range of 2-25 pg I-TE/m3. The combustion of paper, cartons, painted wood and wood with 2-5% PVC gave PCDD/F-concentrations from 38 to 952 pg I-TE/m3 and 380 to 2,240 ng… CONTINUE READING