PAni-coated LiFePO4 Synthesized by a Low Temperature Solvothermal Method

  title={PAni-coated LiFePO4 Synthesized by a Low Temperature Solvothermal Method},
  author={W{\'e}lique Silva Fagundes and F{\'a}rlon Felipe Silva Xavier and Laiane K{\'a}lita Santana and Matheus Ezequiel de Azevedo and Sheila Cristina Canobre and F{\'a}bio Augusto do Amaral},
The composite LiFePO4/polyaniline was prepared by chemical synthesis to promote the intensification of the electrochemical properties for use as cathodes in lithium ion batteries. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) of LiFePO4 synthesized by solvothermal method were indexed to the orthorhombic structure, according to the JCPDS 40-1499. The spectra Raman and FTIR showed a high degree of ordering of LiFePO4 with interaction between LiFePO4 surface with structure conjugate of conducting polymers. The… CONTINUE READING


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B. Ding
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