PAMELA results on the cosmic-ray antiproton flux from 60 MeV to 180 GeV in kinetic energy.

  title={PAMELA results on the cosmic-ray antiproton flux from 60 MeV to 180 GeV in kinetic energy.},
  author={Oscar Adriani and G. C. Barbarino and Galina A. Bazilevskaya and Robero Bellotti and Mirko Boezio and E. A. Bogomolov and Lorenzo Bonechi and Massimo Bongi and Valter Bonvicini and Stanislav Borisov and Sergio Bottai and A. Bruno and F. S. Cafagna and Daniele Campana and Rose Carbone and Paul M. Carlson and Marco Casolino and Gabriele Castellini and Lucia Consiglio and Maria Pia De Pascale and Cristian De Santis and Nicole F De Simone and Valentina Di Felice and A. M. Galper and W. Gillard and L. Grishantseva and P. Hofverberg and Gregor Jerse and Alexey Karelin and S. V. Koldashov and S. Yu. Krutkov and Alexander N. Kvashnin and Alexander V Leonov and V. Malvezzi and L. Marcelli and A. G. Mayorov and W. Menn and Victor Mikhailov and E. Mocchiutti and A M Monaco and Nobuya Mori and N A Nikonov and Giuseppe Osteria and Prof. M. Papini and M Pearce and Piergiorgio Picozza and C. Pizzolotto and M-A. Ricci and S. B. Ricciarini and luisa. rossetto and Michal Simon and Roberta Sparvoli and Piero Spillantini and Yuri I. Stozhkov and Andrea Vacchi and Elena Vannuccini and G. I. Vasilyev and Sergey A. Voronov and Jiansheng Wu and Y. T. Yurkin and Gianluigi Zampa and Nicola Zampa and V. G. Zverev},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 12},
The satellite-borne experiment PAMELA has been used to make a new measurement of the cosmic-ray antiproton flux and the antiproton-to-proton flux ratio which extends previously published measurements down to 60 MeV and up to 180 GeV in kinetic energy. During 850 days of data acquisition approximately 1500 antiprotons were observed. The measurements are consistent with purely secondary production of antiprotons in the Galaxy. More precise secondary production models are required for a complete… CONTINUE READING
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