PALB2 mutations in familial breast and pancreatic cancer

  title={PALB2 mutations in familial breast and pancreatic cancer},
  author={Erin W Hofstatter and Susan Domchek and Alexander Miron and Judy Garber and Molin Wang and Kathryn Componeschi and Leigh J Boghossian and Penelope L. Miron and Katherine L Nathanson and Nadine Tung},
  journal={Familial Cancer},
PALB2 (Partner And Localizer of BRCA2) binds to and co-localizes with BRCA2 in DNA repair. Germline mutations in PALB2 have been identified in approximately 1–2% of familial breast cancer and 3–4% of familial pancreatic cancer cases. The goal of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of PALB2 mutations in women with breast cancer without BRCA1/2 mutations who also had a personal or family history of pancreatic cancer. PALB2 mutation analysis was performed in 94 non-BRCA1/2 breast cancer… CONTINUE READING
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