P53-dependent expression of the stress-induced protein (SIP).

  title={P53-dependent expression of the stress-induced protein (SIP).},
  author={Richard Tomasini and Amina Azizi Samir and M P{\'e}busque and E. Calvo and Serena Totaro and Jean Charles Dagorn and Nelson Dusetti and Juan Iovanna},
  journal={European journal of cell biology},
  volume={81 5},
The mouse stress-induced protein (SIP) mRNA is activated in the pancreas with acute pancreatitis and in several cell lines in response to various stress agents. The SIP gene is alternatively spliced, generating two proteins (SIP'8 and SIP27). Both proteins, located mainly in the nucleus, promote cell death when overexpressed in vitro. We show that induction by stress agents of the expression of SIP18 and SIP27 mRNAs, observed in human- and mouse-derived cell lines, is absent from cells with… CONTINUE READING

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