P3 L: A structured high-level parallel language, and its structured support


machine Target machine AM code Optimization libs Figure The structure of the P L compiler part which contains all the innovative optimization techniques that our programming method ology has made possible In addition the library organization of the template processes make the back end part independent of possible new constructs added to the language Below we describe in more detail the libraries assuming that they all relate to an AM ex porting a given network topology As previously discussed for the current prototype compiler we only developed the libraries for the two dimensional mesh topology Only supplying other libraries related to AMs exporting di erent network topologies can the compiler produce object code for other kinds of architectures Mapping library The mapping library contains many entries for each P L construct each corresponding to a di erent mapping template Each entry of the library can be selected by means of the following tuple

DOI: 10.1002/cpe.4330070305

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