P2Y12 Receptor on the Verge of a Neuroinflammatory Breakdown

  title={P2Y12 Receptor on the Verge of a Neuroinflammatory Breakdown},
  author={Susanna Amadio and Chiara Parisi and Cinzia Montilli and Alberto Savio Carrubba and Savina Apolloni and Cinzia Volont{\'e}},
  booktitle={Mediators of inflammation},
In the CNS, neuroinflammation occurring during pathologies as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS) is the consequence of an intricate interplay orchestrated by various cell phenotypes. Among the molecular cues having a role in this process, extracellular nucleotides are responsible for intercellular communication and propagation of inflammatory stimuli. This occurs by binding to several receptor subtypes, defined P2X/P2Y, which are widespread in different tissues and… CONTINUE READING