P01-195 Social cognition and general functioning in bipolar disorder

  title={P01-195 Social cognition and general functioning in bipolar disorder},
  author={Guillermo Lahera and E. Herrer{\'i}a and Salvador Ruiz-Murugarren and C. Ruiz-Benn{\'a}sar and P. Iglesias and A. Fernandez-liria and Jos{\'e} Manuel Montes},
Introduction Bipolar patients show a significant degree of psychosocial disfunction even in euthymia. Recent studies have reported deficits in Theory of Mind and emotion recognition in BD. Our hypothesis is that social cognition deficit could be associated with a poor general functioning and psychosocial disadvantage in BD. Methods A sample of 27 euthymic bipolar patients were recluted. Based on Global Assessment of Functioning, they were divided into two groups: good or low general functioning… CONTINUE READING


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