P01.05. Increase in blood flow associated with traditional chinese medicine therapies


Results First we found that needle insertion at various acupuncture points on the back produced an immediate and sharp peak of increased blood flow measured at the treated point which lasted only a few seconds, followed by a second broader peak of 3-4 fold increase that lasted about 5-15 minutes. Cupping on acupoint GB21 produced a similar increase that lasted 15-20 minutes, as did Gua Sha administered on points along the bladder meridian on the back. Similarly, 5 minutes of acupressure massage on the shoulder increased blood flow at GB21 by around 5 fold, diminishing to baseline level within half an hour. In contrast, 5 minute moxibustion treatment on GB21 produced about a 10 fold increase that lasted an hour or two. The longer duration of the effect was also seen in the 4-5 fold increase produced by a 5-minute treatment on PC6 with an over-the-counter herbal remedy commonly used for bruises and sprains ("Tree Head Essence” from Ren Ji Biopharmacological Technology Co., Taiwan).

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