P-selectin mediates intestinal ischemic injury by enhancing complement deposition.

  title={P-selectin mediates intestinal ischemic injury by enhancing complement deposition.},
  author={Sherry A. Gibbs and Martin R Weiser and Lester Kobzik and C. Robert Valeri and David Shepro and Herbert B. Hechtman},
  volume={119 6},
BACKGROUND Ischemia and reperfusion injury of rodent intestine is complement mediated. P-selectin antagonism reduces local injury, yet neutrophil depletion does not. This study tests the thesis that the protective mechanism of P-selectin antagonists involves complement inhibition. METHODS We subjected rats (n = 86) to 50 minutes of complete mesenteric ischemia and 4 hours of reperfusion. Treatment with a monoclonal antibody (PB1.3) against P-selectin reduced intestinal injury as judged by… CONTINUE READING
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