P - PH - 9 50 42 40 Static Quantities of the W bosons in the MSSM

  • A . B . Lahanas
  • Published 1995


I discuss the static quantities of the W boson, magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments, in the context of the minimal supersymmetric standard model, in which supersymmetry is broken by soft terms Ao; mo; M1=2. Following a renormalization group analysis it is found that the supesymmetric values of k and Q can be largely di erent, in some cases, from the standard model predictions but of the same order of magnitude for values of A0;m0;M1=2 O(1TeV ). Therefore possible supersymmetric structure can be probed provided the accuracy of measurements for k , Q reaches 10 2 10 3 and hence hard to be detected at LEP2. In cases where M1=2 A0;m0, the charginos and neutralinos may give substantial contributions saturating the LEP2 sensitivity limits. This occurs when their masses m ~ C;m ~ Z turn out to be both light satisfying m ~ C+m ~ Z 'MW . However these extreme cases are perturbatively untrustworthy and besides unnatural for they occupy a small region in the parameter space.

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