Pānini and Euclid: Reflections on Indian Geometry*

  title={Pānini and Euclid: Reflections on Indian Geometry*},
  author={Johannes Bronkhorst},
  journal={Journal of Indian Philosophy},
  • J. Bronkhorst
  • Published 1 April 2001
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Indian Philosophy
Novel Proofs for Summations in the Nisṛṣṭārthadūtī
Recent scholarly investigations have brought to light various mathematical proofs given by the astronomers and mathematicians of the Kerala school. However, not much is known regarding the proofs
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FASTFOOD is presented, a rule-based Natural Language Generation Program for cooking recipes which generates recipes by using an Automated Theorem Proving procedure to select the ingredients and instructions, with ingredients corresponding to axioms and instructions to implications.
Translating Sanskrit Mathematics
A discussion of Jean Michel Delire’s Les mathématiques de l’autel védique. Le Baudhāyana Śulbasūtra et son commentaire Śulbadīpikā. Published Online (2021-04-30)Copyright © 2021 by Satyanad
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The quality of mathematics education in Indonesia is of great concern. This is proven based on the survey results conducted by international survey institutions such as PISA and TIMSS and national
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Development of Calculus in India
In his pioneering history of calculus written sixty years ago, Carl Boyer was totally dismissive of the Indian contributions to the conceptual development of the subject.1 Boyer’s historical overview
In this article we shall present an overview of the developme nt of calculus in Indian mathematical tradition. The article is divided natu r lly into two parts. In the first part we shall discuss the


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Measuring the daily and yearly cycle of the cosmos has never been entirely straightforward. The year 2000 is alternatively the year 2544 (Buddhist), 6236 (Ancient Egyptian), 5761 (Jewish) or simply
Greek and Vedic Geometry
L'A. du present article part d'abord du fait que la geometrie de l'Inde vedique et de la Grece antique etait fondee sur des rituels qui exigeaient que l'on change la taille et la forme des autels et