Ozone production and losses in N2/O2 mixtures in an ozone generator

  title={Ozone production and losses in N2/O2 mixtures in an ozone generator},
  author={Yu. A. Mankelevich and A. Yu. Poroykov and T. B. Rakhimova and D. A. Voloshin and A. A. Chukalovskii and A. V. Zosimov and V. V. Lunin and V. G. Samoilovich},
  journal={Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A},
Nonunique ozone concentrations at the output of an ozone generator under identical external conditions of barrier discharge activation of N2/O2 mixtures but with different prehistories of operating practice and employed gas mixtures are investigated theoretically. An analytical approach is developed to determine the ozone yield with regard for its heterogeneous loss. Plasma-chemical and electron kinetics in the N2/O2-mixtures are calculated numerically. The results of numerical calculations are… CONTINUE READING

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