Ozone production and loss rate measurements in the middle stratosphere

  title={Ozone production and loss rate measurements in the middle stratosphere},
  author={Kenneth W. Jucks and David G. Johnson and K. Chance and Wesley A. Traub and Ross J Salawitch and Robert Stachnik},
Wepresenthefirst simultaneousmeasurements of HOx, NOx, andClx radicalsin themiddle stratosphereobtainedduringaballoonflight at34 N in September 1989,alongwith calculationsfrom a photochemical model,to show thatNOx catalyticcyclesdominatelossof ozone(O3) for altitudes between24and38km; theobservedabundanceof ClO is lower thanthatexpectedfor altitudesabove 30km onthebasisof modelsusingrecommendedratesandcrosssections,reducingtherelative importanceof theClx catalyticcyclesfor lossof O3; andremoval… CONTINUE READING

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